The End

Hi, 5 years ago, for the November Django France meetup, the webbsite opened for all of you to allow everyone to test / adopt the project.

After a warm beginning, the number of triggers decrease, sign that the PoC did the job to show that it was possible to install this project to shortcut services like and stay the master of our credentials without having to trust this services about what they can do with them.

I had fun to help friends, without any skills with the python univers, installing trigger-happy on their own server/workstation and seeing their first triggers running



So now, as the proof was made, the website and services can shutdown in a month, 27th of June 2018. (Last trigger: shutdown -t 2628002 bye)


Except some occasionals contributions (specially in October, thanks to the hacktoberfest;), behind this project, there is just one guy, and that's all. As in many project, there is not many people, but with some friends you can exchange ideas, motivate each other and continue without running out of steam.

On GitHub, the number of persons that follow the project does not reflect the number of persons that use it on the website.

One day I expected framasoft to open an instance of trigger-happy but that was never done, but now, it does not matter anymore.

After ?

For you:

I have no service to recommend to replace if you don't want to "share" your credential to paid services. I don't know one, I know other opensource projects but no opened services.

If you still own an account and don't want your data to stay in the database, let me know at service ]at[ and I will drop your account.

For the project:

It is not the end !

The sources are still available on github, to install the project everywhere you want. There are many issues and ideas, I just need time and motivation.

For the moment, I'm turned on differents horizons, a needed break.


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