I did not know anything about that event: the Hacktoberfest I found it somewhere, but I don't remember ;)

But the idea attracted me.

So I told to myself, that will be fun If I could catch a T-Shirt of that event by trying to offering my services for some existing FOSS.

And after some lookup on github, I didn't find something exciting. May be that was due to the fact that I started to make my search before october the 1rst. So I thought I could use my own project and do my 4 PR on it.

What a stupid idea...

The Issues

To start by the beginning, I had to think about little piece of tasks, like a todo list, of things I could do step by step, to easily reach the 4 PR. Once I raised my issues, tagged them with hacktoberfest, up-for-grab, easy.

I was happy with the "menu" I had prepared myself for my month of october.

That was on september the 28th.

But suddenly, without expecting anything, one guy asked me to pick up one of the issues I opened.

Okkkay, and I replied to him

if you want to participate to the hacktoberfest, register and wait for october 1rst before submitting the PR.

and I thought, ok it remains 4 issues, I can still get my t-shirt.

But without believing in it, once again, surprrriiiiisee... Another guy asked me to pick up another issue. I replied the same thing to this new 'october' contributor.

I though "Okaaaaaaaayyy, it's a funny story..." but that was not finished ...

2 others guys stole my last issues.

So I had to conclude "I won't win a t-shirt this year, but if 'october contributors' enjoy my issues, that could be the moment for them to discover the project, and finally, I will win as far as them, with that event"

And later, I even had to arbitrate 2 PR for the same issues, to avoid a potential hacktoberwar :)

Hacktoberfest, enjoy !

Yes I know, you could think, "he get excited for nothing", may be because, you used to manage a lot of contributors with your own project, but not me.

What is missing the most with project you make all alone, is discussing, exchanging ideas, discovering new lib and test them together. So you do everything like you want, when you want, but... alone.

So Hacktoberfest is an event to enjoy coding, for sure, but also enjoying to share & show things of his project to others developpers and contributors. Even if the "october contributors" won't stay active on the project after that event, that was a pleasant month (and it's not finished yet)

Then I decided to create a milestone v1.5.0 aka 'Hacktoberfest 2017' with all the resolved issues to thank all the contributors for their help.

After all of that: 10 issues were fixed by 9 contributors in 9days. More in one month, than in 4 years of existence of that project.

Today, 48PR were merged, with 10 issues closed. Remains 4 opened.

What's new ?

The project now can be used with two new service :

Thus, you can exchange posts between Mastodon and Twitter in both direction.

Have a look at those 2 posts : Mastodon / Twitter

I will give more details at the end of the month when the 1.5 will be released, with all the things that have been done by all the contributors.

If you are curious, you can have a look at the doc at least ;)

It should also be said that a contributor installed the project for herself, without any knowledge in python/django, just her desire to install the project, sprinkle with a little bit of your servant's help.

See you in two weeks and half :)


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