New feature :

  • New service Tumblr supported
  • Data Digest that permits to get your grabbed data each, day, week, month if you want. for that, just set digest_event to True
    # paginating
    'paginate_by': 5,

    # this permits to avoid "flood" effect when publishing
    # to the target service - when limit is reached
    # the cache is kept until next time
    # set it to 0 to drop that limit
    'publishing_limit': 0,
    # number of process to spawn from multiprocessing.Pool
    'processes': 1,
    'services_wo_cache': ['th_instapush', ],
    # number of tries before disabling a trigger
    # when management commands run each 15min
    # with 4 'tries' this permit to try on 1 hour
    'failed_tries': 2,  # can exceed 99 - when
    # if you want to authorize the fire button for EACH trigger
    'fire': False,
    'digest_event': True,

Django and Python Update

  • Django 1.11.x
  • Python 3.6.x

Improvements and bug fix

  • several little fixes here and there

Installation and Update :

Once you did

pip install -U django_th 

finish by

python migrate

to update the database


As this release do a step from django 1.8.x to 1.11.x, I strongly suggest to have a look at the doc and use

python check --deploy

to see what's going on


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